A brief intro……

Welcome! I’m glad you could take a few minutes to check out the new blog. It’s my first legit attempt at starting a blog and I’m hoping that I can actually keep it up. I was inspired to take on this challenge by a good friend of mine, Doctor S, who is writing a great blog about financing your life as a college grad, check it out!.

You’re probably wondering what this blog is about and it’s pretty simple. A few months ago I became a victim of the economy and decided that to save money I would stop drinking for a month. I ended up cutting it cold turkey after the Steelers won Super Bowl 43 and it lastedĀ  42 days. It was tough but it needed to be done and I learned alot about myself during that time. I recently completed another 30 day ride “on the wagon” and it ended with me running my first competitive race, the San Francisco Bay 2 Breakers. I came in at 1:07:25 and 2118th overall but next year I’m determined to do better. Back to the point, I tried something new and I ended up running a race, something I never thought I’d ever do considering how much I hated running in high school.

So I’ve decided to pick up a new challenge every 30 days and see what comes my way. Life is all about new challenges and changes. Some just happen naturally but I’m going to make those things happen on my terms, relatively speaking. The goal is to break away from the norm and do something different. Last month it was drinking, this month it will be cutting out Facebook and trying to turn this 1 month contract job into a full-time position. I’ll (try to) write about anything relevant to the challenge(s) with the hopes that something new will come my way.

There it is. Semi-short and pretty sweet, at least I think so. Like it or leave it.

If you’ve got any suggestions for challenges or comments on why you think I’m a nut for doing something so silly, please feel free to voice your opinion and I’ll more than likely approve the comment.



~ by brwnbear on May 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “A brief intro……”

  1. Some challenges for you from Easiest to Hardest (relatively)

    30 Days with no meat
    30 Days with no bread
    30 Days of wearing a suite
    30 Days of donating one item a day
    30 Days of going gay
    30 days without the internet
    30 days if Gardening

  2. Yo brotha, very nice. Good luck on keeping up with the blog. I indeed concur on the setting interesting goals and trying new things. A few months back, I decided that I would bench 200, still working on it. Then last month I started training in juggling, haha. Anyway, the whole month break of drinking is impressive, I may need to follow suit. Very impressed. Congratulations and hopefully see you over NYE.

  3. A love this idea. I have some thoughts for you regarding but till we talk here our some fun ideas.
    30 days of…
    …30 minute Meditation
    …Lending money
    …Offering help to a stranger
    …learning the name of a stranger
    …Asking someone for help
    …Creating a different theme from which to live from every day
    …Saying yes to everything
    …writing a poem everyday
    …Talking to things that cannot talk back

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