Challenges #1: FB Exile & #2:Becoming an All-Star (@ work)

I figured what better way to start this new adventure than to push myself to complete 2 challenges at once.

Challenge # 1: Facebook Exile

I’ve been an active user of Facebook for probably close to 6 years if not more. I can think of maybe one or two things I’ve been able to do for longer than 6 years and of those things nothing has produced so little for me as Facebook has. Yes it is the fastest growing social network that will connect me to friends and family. Yes, I can share photos amongst friends and get involved with social groups to support a cause. And again yes, I can spend countless hours checking status messages of my friends to see who got drunk, who is single, and who is hating work all day long. It’s time to figure out what life is like without a social network that is so deeply ingrained into every facet of my life.

Chances are I’ll just be out of the loop for a while, a few friends will wonder what I’m upto, and I’ll be back on it atleast twice a day in another 30 days. There is also the chance that I’ll find something new, that I’ll keep writing this blog, that I’ll find a good book to read, or I’ll come back and find a whole new appreciation for what social networking does in my life. Only one way to find out!

Challenge #2: Becoming an All-Star (@ work)

I recently got a new gig with a hot new media start-up in the East Bay and today was my first day. I was brought on and chosen over the other candidates because of my enthusiasm, intensity, and my drive to succeed. Unfortunately, as a result of my lack of relevant experience I’m working as a contractor for 30 days to prove to them I’m an “all-star”. Given the state of our economy this is still the best thing that could happen to me. I’ve never really been tested like this and its a challenge I’m really excited to take on. It’s a new company in a new industry where I really do believe anything can happen. I can’t promise that I’ll get the job 1 month from now but I can promise I’m going to work my ass off and make shit happen.

Here’s something I learned today that will be my moto.

“FSO/ GSD/ MSH” translated to mean “Figure Shit Out / Get Shit Done / Make Shit Happen”

If that doesn’t get you motivated to succeed and make it happen on your own then tell me what will?


~ by brwnbear on May 20, 2009.

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