Challenge Update # 2: Important Dates

Challenge Update # 2: Important Dates
Facebook Exile: Day 12

Just shortly before I decided to embark on this Facebook Exile, I managed to sync my crackberry and facebook account. What does this mean? It means that’s facebook had full access to my contacts and was able to sync contact information between my address book and my network of friends.

No doubt was this some sort of an invasion of privacy and “big brother” like but I fully consented to it. And for what? So that I could see my friends Facebook profile mugshots when I received a phone call and so that every single birthday was automatically entered into my calendar.

I once counted that I have about 25 close friends that all have birthdays during the month May, which is higher than the average of 10-15. Needless to say I’ve missed a handful of birthdays and for that I do apologize. But for those that I do remember I’m making it a point to actually call them rather than have my message get lost in the zillions of wall posts that person might receive that day.

New Job: Day 9
For the first two weeks of the new job I was writing every single piece of information down in a notebook and coming back after a meeting only to highlight, draw arrows, smiley faces, and X’s all over the place. It was only yesterday that I was able to convert this blind kid’s coloring book into a finite list of important dates and details that is suitable for the work place.

I find it somewhat odd and refreshing that the key indicator that I’ve got my job on lockdown is that I can organize all my tasks into a spreadsheet and have it make sense. As a result two things came from this, one good and one bad. On the up side my manager was impressed with my organization and thinks it will certainly help the entire team. On the down side I realized its not Friday, I’m going away this weekend, and I’ve got a long ass “todo” list that I need to start NOW!

Happy Friday!


~ by brwnbear on May 29, 2009.

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