Challenge Update # 3: “Getting Smarter”

New Job: day 12

Since I’ve started the new job I’ve heard several people around my office say “lets get smarter” about this. I had heard this phrase several times before and I always knew what it meant but to be honest I’ve never really seen it come to life. All businesses, small and large, need to constantly look for new business practices that will get them ahead of the competition. After all, without these progressive steps your company would stay stagnant and you’ll get left behind, especially in Tech.

When I hear my colleagues, manager, and executive team say, “Lets get smarter”, my ears perk up and I pay close attention to what happens next. This is how a small business goes from simply being a small fish in a big pond to the bully on the block. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what they are doing but I can tell the next time this topic comes up everyone in the room will know 10x more than they did the week before. This is definitely something I’m going to make happen.

Whether it’s a new business practice, a risky proposition, or an edgy new tactic to get a leg up on the competition this is the type of mentality you need to stay fresh and “make shit happen”.

Facebook Exile: day 16

You’re probably wondering how this applies to Facebook. Let’s face it. Unless you’re brain dead, from the stone age, or have a phobia of social networking you know how easy it is for someone to find you’re profile on facebook. If you’re a private person more than likely you won’t post your life for the world to see, but given the sheer size of facebook and its growth over the past year I’m going to assume that you’re in the minority here.

So I’ve decided to post a few tips that will help you “Get Smarter” about your Facebook profile.
–    Don’t post photos or get tagged in photos of yourself in compromising positions. Everyone is watching!!! Dun dun dun!!!
–    Use the privacy feature. Try not to let your boss find pictures of you doing a keg stand from the night before as you stroll in late on a Wednesday morning.
–    Use some good judgement when posting photos of your friends. They probably don’t remember every picture that was taken and would rather not have them see the light of day.
–    Don’t live your life by updating your status message or relationship status. Otherwise, you’ll soon become socially inept when you realize you’ve forgotten how to interact with real human beings.
–    Poking a girl in real life isn’t the same as poking a girl on facebook. It’s not nearly as cute as you want it to be.
–    The surveys are lame. If you’re doing them at work, your time can probably be better spent looking for a new job or reading the news.
–    Don’t add the new “facebook app” to your mobile phone. There is usually something better going on in the world that you can look at on your phone while avoiding the creepy person next to you on the bus.

That being said I think we can all do a little bit more to “get smarter” in every aspect of our lives. Whether its taking more initiative in the work place, of watching what you say and when you say it. I suggest you figure it out sooner than later otherwise get left behind.


~ by brwnbear on June 3, 2009.

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