Month in Review: Back in the Game

Facebook: I predicted the outcome of this challenge before I started and I think I’m pretty close to what I expected. It’s only been a few days now since I’ve started logging back in and I can safely say that it is by no means the first site I check when I login to my computer, if I check it at all.

Upon my not so glorious return I found about 4 messages, 15 event invites, about a dozen photos posted, a handful of pokes, and a few wall postings. Of all that the pictures were nice, one message actually meant something to me, and the events were completely useless. I think I’m turning the events feature off, if that’s possible. Aside from missing a few birthdays and a going away party, I realized how much time I saved myself over the past month. Granted I’m slightly now more busy with work, I imagine I would have checked it once or twice a day but I’m learning now that every minute counts and I have very few to waste on Facebook.

Conclusion: It was good to get away and I’ve now got a newfound respect for Facebook and what it offers. I’ll probably never cut it off completely but I won’t waste nearly as much time as I did before.

New Job: It is now safe to say that I am the new Account Manager at TubeMogul!!! The one-month trial period was a great learning experience that has taught me more about the new media and online video space than I ever would have imagined. My list of responsibilities continues to grow day by day and I love it.

As I mentioned before I’m more busy than I’ve ever been and my life has taken a complete 180 since the day I started but I wouldn’t want to change it for a second. I’ve gained a new appreciation for the “weekly paycheck”, the meaning of “hard work”, and the game of foosball. The one lesson I’ve learned is that nothing is forever especially given what I’ve seen over the past 6 months. Jobs change. Relationships change. Life changes and I refuse to take anything for granted.

Conclusion: That being said I find myself “burning the midnight oil” at least 3 nights a week and I’m actually excited about it all. I’m sure this time will probably pass pretty quickly because from what I’ve been told if you’re not working until 11 or 12 at night you’re not working hard enough. Some would most certainly disagree with that belief but when they see shitty side of the “funemployed” life, I’m sure their outlook will change.


~ by brwnbear on June 23, 2009.

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