New Challenges: Food, phone, booze, and more????

Food: A buddy of mine made it his goal to not eat out for an entire month and see how much money he could save. I just came back from Pittsburgh and I’m pretty sure I ate out atleast 75% of the time I was there. This is pretty abnormal considering I love home cooking and I don’t get it that often. So I’m hoping that if I can eat every “meal” at home I’ll accomplish a few things:
–    Learn how to cook new meals (so I don’t get bored)
–    Save money
–    Have more dinner parties with friends

Every “meal” means breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’ll be hard for me to keep up considering I snack pretty much all day long. And sometimes given my schedule between work and working out I may need to give in just to fulfill the basic needs of a healthy diet.

Phone: Forever I’ve been talking trash on the iPhone and AT&T. Mainly because the service sucks and I’m in love with my crackberry but also because I’ve been spoiled for way too long. Over the past weekend I realized that I’ve been seeding of the “family plan” for too long and its time for me to quit sucking on the teet of unlimited minutes, text messages, data, and mobile twitter updates. Verizon has been a great service provider and I can’t complain except that their data plans are kind of expensive and I wouldn’t be able to have mobile access with them if I wasn’t on a family plan.  I’m now learning that the AT&T plans are no better so I decided to take the plunge.

I crunched a few numbers, to make sure it’s a somewhat-half-assed financially-sound-ish decision for me to give AT&T a shot and see what the hype is over the iPhone. The plan here is to buy an iPhone and try the service for a month. If I like it, maybe I’ll get on a family plan with my roommate and if not I’ll need to find another service provider with a reasonably priced data plan. I’ll keep you posted if this one actually gets off the ground.

Booze: This isn’t a new one or a shocker at all. I’m running the SF ½ marathon with a great friend of mine in July and starting on June 26th I’ll be laying off the booze. I’ll probably give in for a day over 4th of July but that’s about it. More than anything it’ll be a total body cleanse so I’m on all points for the race but also because I’ve realized a few things:
–    Drinking really adds very little overall value to my life.
–    My “game” is actually better when I’m not drinking. I guess drinking coffee before I go out gets me more engaged than Jack on the rocks and budlights.
–    I’m saving a shit ton of cash and that’s always a good thing, especially right now.

So yeah a month of no drinking starts on June 26th. Woohoo!

I’d love to say there is more to add to this month’s challenge list but I’ve got a bunch on my plate right now and we’ll see if it all actually goes down. Although down the road I’ll be putting the veggie lifestyle to the test and I’ll be studying for the GMATs so those will definitely be interesting times. So stayed tuned!


~ by brwnbear on June 26, 2009.

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