Challenge Update: New phone, no booze, good food…

Here we go…..

Phone: I did it. I’m not going to like admitting it but I did it. I went against pretty much everything I had ever stood for (in regards to cell phones and cell phone carriers) and I bought an iPhone. The overall purchasing experience started off pretty rocky but thats because I was going through AT&T. The company is run by a bunch of monkeys. Purchasing a new phone online was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried to do. I was almost completely turned off to the idea until I tried purchasing through Apple, which was 100 times easier and I was done within a matter of minutes. I ordered the phone on Wednesday and it shipped from China and arrived in the office on Monday morning. It took about 4 minutes to set up and almost instantly my number had changed over and I started to recieve a dozen text messages from (now) fellow iPhone users over the past few days that I had completely missed.

Here are a few preliminary thoughts:

  • 2 dropped calls
  • All my iPod Touch Apps were automatically uploaded
  • Sync took about 5 min
  • About a dozen address book entries didn’t make it (b/c my Crackberry sync app is foosed)
  • Heavier than anticipated because I’m used to the iPod touch or my Crackberry
  • Getting used to the texting pretty quickly.

I’ll keep tabs on how it goes for me day by day. I’m not 100% sold but no joke after I found the WordPress app I almost died. This is going to bring a new world to blogging.

Booze: Yeah this isn’t hard. I spent all day Saturday in the park for a friends going away party and avoided the booze and enjoyed the sun. I’m not going to lie I probably will give in over the 4th of July  given the circumstances but considering how good I did (or atleast I think I did) on my long run on Sunday I think it’ll be ok.

Food: I was tempted to eat out atleast 3 times since Friday night and I’m glad to say I didn’t. My last meal was a cheese steak from a rather sub-par pizza joint in the mission. It could have been a burrito or something better but I was digging it. They decided to get Gyros for lunch today which was especially difficult but I decided to hold back. Instead I made myself a few sandwiches. I say a few because I’m trying to increase my metabolism by eating more smaller meals throughout the day. So I’m actually making sandwiches out of wheat dinner rolls and adding a bunch of snacks in between (trail mix, nuts, and peanut butter filled pretzels). Every week I’m going to switch it up so I don’t get bored but I think I’ll be able to get it done.

The last two nights for dinner we made stuffed Zucchini and a lamb curry dish. Both tasty, new and plenty of leftovers. I love cooking at home.

I’m going camping this weekend and road trips will be especially difficult on the boozing and the eating but I’ll do my best.

Nothing too new to report here but I’m excited to see


~ by brwnbear on June 30, 2009.

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