Challenge Update: Cheating

I’m going to confess now that I’ve been cheating on a few of these challenges over the past two weeks. They weren’t easy decisions but fortunately the side effects have been minimal and insignificant so its ok.

Food: Over the past two weeks I spent approximately $60 on eating out for a few meals which included a dinner for 2 at Citrus club, a breakfast sandwich, slice of pizza, burrito, and a few cookies / snacks while at the office. With the exception of the dinner at the Citrus Club I was eating out because it was late and/or I didn’t have food at my house. Aside from that I’ve been packing my own lunches and eating the vast majority of dinners and breakfasts at my house. I’m holding pretty strong but I might make a few more exceptions before the challenge is over.

Booze: Over the 4th of July I drank and I went for a short run. Last night I had a burrito and went out for drinks with a buddy on Haight and Divis areaa only to close the bar. After about 5 beers and a few shots of whiskey I was feeling good. I easily could have drank water or stayed home but I just wasn’t feeling it. I probably spent about $40 last night in total which could have been zero but after its all said and done I had a blast. I’m feeling much better about it because I got up this morning (11-ish) and went for a solid 10.5 mile run in preperation for my half marathon (July 26th). It was probably one of the best runs I’ve had in weeks and it felt great. I’m pretty confident now that I can have a few drinks and it won’t effect my running. Earlier this week I ran into a friend who had previously run a few marathons and said the whole “1 month cleanse” was a bunch of BS. I’m starting to get the same feeling after this little experiment. I won’t drink nearly as much in an effort to save money but I also wont stop myself from having a good time if the situation calls for it.

iPhone: I was having some connectivity issues to the internet this week and I went to the apple store to check it out. I was told to reset that network settings and use the Edge network rather than 3G. I think it’s pretty silly to go on the slower network but suprisingly its been working out. I’ve also dumped a ton of the apps that require huge single packet data transfers like TweetDeck and ESPN Score Center. As awesome as they are I’d rather have a solid connection. The phone overall is holding up but I’ve still got a few weeks go to. I’ve been reading a few articles comparing the Palm Pre and I’m waiting for the Blackberry Storm to come out as well. Neither is looking all that hot right now but who knows.


~ by brwnbear on July 11, 2009.

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