The deadline approaches….

The 30 day mark is just around the corner and plenty has changed since I started this challenge. I’ll give you a round of conclusions after the weekend is up but here is where I’m at so far.

Booze: I started out stone cold sober and it wasn’t a problem. Then I went on a date and I had glass of wine. Then I went out after a show and a friend told me the whole “clean body before a race” was a bunch of hogwash which lead to a night of heavy drinking only to be followed by one of the best runs of my life. I’ve been drinking rarely if at all over the past two weeks and the only thing I’ve noticed is the whole in my wallet.  Booze = money. Plain and simple. The real question for me now is what means more to me. Spend money to drink beer and hang out with friends? Save the money to do fun things like fly to the east coast round trip for $400 to celebrate weddings and get drunk with friends anyway. hmmmmmm?

Food: I fell of this wagon around the same time I started drinking again and it all started with the date which inevitably went nowhere. I’ve managed to eat the vast majority of my meals at home with a handful of exceptions here and there. What I am learning is that when I do decide to eat out I want food that tastes good and doesn’t suck i.e. fast food, shitty sandwhiches, pub grub. I’m going to try my hardest to limit my food consumption outside of my house to save money but also just to eat better food.

Today I tried one of those Trader Ming’s Pad Thai boxed lunches. Mixed the noodles and the sauce packet and microwave for 2 minutes. Easy right? Easy…yes. Tasty…no. After about 3 bites I decided it was in my best interest to spend the money and eat something that tasted better and probably healthier. I got a salad/sandwich combo at the local spot and it was amazing. I tossed the pad thai and honestly didn’t feel bad at all because I wouldn’t want anyone to eat this ever! I need to follow my dads word. “Never go cheap on three things. Drinks, Food, and Women”. Well done sir. Well done!

Oh and I cooked with Tofu for the first time this week. Indian spinach with tofu, paneer, tomatoes, and a few random veggies over rice. Tasty!

Phone: Everyone has been asking me what I think about the iPhone and if I’m happy with it. I shrug my shoulders say it gets the job done. It still hasn’t blown me away but it isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I find myself using it as a functional tool as I did my blackberry. I’m sure I’m not getting the full potential out of it but to be honest thats all I want it for. The service could not suck but for the time being I’m ok with it.

I have noticed however that I’m more inclined to text rather than call people. Typically I enjoy talking to people more than texting but I’m finding it more convenient, easier to get the point across, and less likely that my call will get a dropped. There is probably a combination of reasons why I’ve increased my texting and I’m not to happy about it but it is what it is. I suppose I could cut out texting for 30 days but somehow I feel that wouldn’t be a financialy sound decision. I can tell now that my cell phone bill would be doubled and I’d just be pissed.

Till next time……peace out!

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~ by brwnbear on July 24, 2009.

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