New Challenges: Something New and Old

Before I started working a few months ago I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with my life. Part of me wanted to pursue the thought of going to b-school, part of me wanted to get into sales and start from the bottom again, and another part of me just wanted to get a job at TJ’s and pay my bills. Fortunately an opportunity presented itself and I’ve got a job that I love.

Challenge # 1: Sales

After a few months on the job its becoming more and more clear what my responsibilities will be. It’s hard for me to explain in abstract terms exactly what I do but here it goes. In the sense of “Supply and Demand”, my sales team is making sales and supplying me with this inventory. It’s my job to create this demand i.e. sell the inventory in which they have supplied me.

I started the job a few days ago and since then I’ve never spent so much time on the phone and sweet talking someone into buying something they’ve never heard of before. One goal of this project is to get my prospective buyer to agree to purchase my inventory. The other goal is to lay the foundation and open the lines of communication so that if not now but somewhere down the road I can sell them more than my inventory.

The world of sales is something I’ve never really had the opportunity or desire to pursue. You would be surprised how much your drive and level of interest is enhanced when the right person (your ceo) lights the fire under your ass and hangs that dollar sign in front of you as you sprint to the finish line. To be honest I’m nowhere close to the finish line but I’ve got my eye on the ball and my goals have been set. Now its time to get it done.

Challenge #2: Studying

My dad has been on me for several years to go to business school and get my MBA. During my time of unemployment I decided it was foolish of me not to consider so I decided to sign up for a Kaplan GMAT course. Before the course started I found a job and started working. I knew my dad still wanted me to take the GMATs and more for myself I realized it was still a great idea. So here I am 1 hr before my dianostic exam writing a blog. I’m deathly afraid of my score as they might tell me to reconsider going to b-school and point me back to undergrad at community college.

I’ve never been a good standardized test taker so this whole process scares the shit out of me but I’m going to do it anyway. The scores I get after this diagnostic exam are going to dictate my life for the next 30 days. I’m scheduling to take the GMATs in the 2nd week of September and my eye will be on the ball. I’m going to dedicate atleast 2 hrs a day to studying for the GMATs if not more.

To be honest the month of August is looking pretty scary to me right now. Between the sales goals that I need to meet set by my boss and the studying goals I’ve set myself it’ll be a miracle that I make it out alive. It’s time to prove myself and litterally put myself to the test.

Wish me luck!


~ by brwnbear on August 8, 2009.

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